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A self-managed and autonomous website from the anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist and anti-repressive resistance of the struggle and occupation of land in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in France, organized by (you?) those who want to participate and feed or translate the content of this website with locally organized activists or other places of struggle. It allows a more accessible communication tool than the "official" sites like the one of the occupation against the project of an airport http://zad.nadir.org
The website is open to comrades involved in emancipation struggles, releasing areas to defend: streets, neighborhoods, squats, forests, farmland, wetlands or wild lands. For those who want to broadcast messages, analyzes, events, calls, drawings, pictures, videos, documents, etc. Exchange, organize and communicate in a more autonomous, self-managed, secure and supportive way.

This website is a tool for communication, mutualisation, archiving and with a potential for horizontal organization that could help activists resist or subvert the world of control and surveillance. It could also help protect activists against directed information flows from social networks and by engineered censorship or misinformation emitted by mainstream media or advertisements.
This self-managed broadcasting tool also allows us to easily centralize relevant information and translations in any other language, and (should) help us explore decentralized horizontal decision-making in our movements, collective struggles and places.

You register or contact us to use and discover communication tools and self-managed organizations, wiki, articles, blog, books, media, etc.

Ps: the site is still under construction (technically and politically) and we encourage you to register and help us make it live. If it breaks we start again. You can make financial donations with PayPal or help with logistics and needs

Solidarity knows no borders ! <3

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Latest Articles

Invitation to new inter-terreaurist meetings (but not only)

Author: unsold zadist - Published 2019-08-23 14:10 - (305 Reads)

Since the evictions in 2018, a large majority of the squatters have left the area, frustrated by the contempt, betrayal and seizure of small elitist groups who had long planned to secure their future by abandoning the "Route des Chicanes", the radicals who lived near it and to serve the states demands. But determined and irreducible anti-authoritarian groups, radicals, nomads and other free electrons still cling stubbornly to the desire to see this territory liberated as a shelter for people that live in misery, are exiled or undocumented, forced to become fugitives or that are persecuted, for neighbors, near or far, without land or garden, whom can come and cultivate what they want, to exchange of knowledge and ideas, in complete freedom, so that the political experimentation and the social collectiveness would be reborn and spread like a virus that would stimulate a general emancipation...

We have several tens of hectares of land, wetlands, woods, fields, cabans and spaces that we wish to keep available to everyone, for multiple uses.

Solidarity from Athens

Author: spelslecht - Published 2018-04-23 17:32 - (879 Reads)

The French embassy and consulate in #Athens attacked with paint by members of the anarchist collective #Rouvikonas, in protest #France’s intervention in #Syria + against #Macron's neoliberal labor reforms and state repression. In solidarity with the #ZADResist.

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