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Supporting and participating in AntiRep!Net is showing your solidarity in maintaining a wide variety of tools and act with other networks in resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression.

The project is maintained by anonymous and autonomous people. Some with no (legal) income or papers or no national attachment. It would be nice to share a bit of solidarity if you like the projects and idees we put in place. We work with very modest and very limited financial resources, mostly from visitors or other occupants of the zone,  and especialy with a lot of heart. We put our skills to use in sharing and maintaining tools and resources, in workshops and exchanges for radical (H)Activists and other rebels. Help us resist repression, fight back and attack all forms of oppression from all sides !

Online and international options to support AntiRep!Net financialy :

Supporting AntiRep!Net means solidarity (the money gets redistributed) :

For the moment the technical side costs around 40€/month but reached more or less the limit of the resources. If we want to able to can continue resisting on the ZAD, we will need some funding for the squat, a liberated small and old stone building in the heart of the zone to defend. It already has some collective purposes (internet, shower, sleeping, library, spaces for activities, ...) it is mostly traversed by anarchists, antispecists and other radical like-minded compas from other struggles and we are very keen in keeping all the spaces of the squat vegan, inclusive and to try to get it in good shape for the time coming. If you come on the zone, just ask for the liberated domains (Les domaines liberées), someone could point you in the right direction.

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We thank you in advance !
And if you can’t support us financialy ... spread the word, print flyers, tag it !