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Permanent reoccupation and reconstruction on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes

If the dark days continue, that the military occupation is daily, that fatigue seizes the bodies and minds, that the determination and hope of the future as wild as they were in the past are eroded, we We are still there, standing on the barricades, with our fist raised and with desire in our heart. Many of us are already busy imagining tomorrow, rebuilding the margin, continue to live the existing with a gaping hole in the soul, ready to accommodate their evicted neighbors.

Government strategy has the wind in its sails. they bet on the good old method of collective identity control, the one that aims to keep in a kettle the most combative, the most determined, those who feel legitimate enough not to have to justify their presence and collaborate in recording their lives in files.

For the first time at la Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, that of the collective, failed !

It left in the kettle those who refused to prove their legitimacy, although real, to ensure a delay to those who would agree to get a right for a facade.

The unfiled squats are destroyed and what remains of la Zad is on hold. The only certainty we have left is the desire to rebuild the margin, give a roof to those who have gone to the end of their convictions, who refused to play with Mrs. the prefect, its chiefs and officers. Even if we have affirmed our strategic divisions internally, we are all united in this common objective of reconstruction, of reappropriation of the spaces of life, struggles and activities.

La ZAD is ineradicable even though sometimes we tear eachother about the collective choices.

There are new places to build, new spaces to dedicate, with the people of yesterday and those of tomorrow.

We call each and everyone who can to join la Zad with all the will necessary to build the future.

We call each and everyone to join the social frontlines that are like us the main ramparts to government and its world.

Resistors in la ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes