"Les Radis-Co" What is it ?

(Radis-co is a french playword, radish&co, but in french it pronounces "the radicals")
It is an affinity network of militants of la ZAD Notre Dame des Landes who want to defend through direct action the ideas of autonomy, mutual aid, respect for the living, and fight against the authority and all forms of domination, against the economy and its logics of exploitation.

1) An open assembly every Monday at 13h12 at la Grée

(1312 means ACAB)
It aims: coordination between different groups and individuals, exchange of information, organizing actions, all that in a horizontal discussion framework - so that no one is more important or legitimate than another, and that every word can be expressed, without being denied, despised or ignored.
We will remain vigilant and will not hesitate to react to acts of oppression, discrimination or attempts to seize power and to exclude from our exchanges those who would repeatedly be responsible for it.
PS: We first met to organize ourselves with the people who do not recognize themselves in the "administrative (legalist) strategies". This does not mean that we exclude in principle those who have submitted projects to the prefect, but it is clear that this space IS NOT dedicated to these strategies (there are already other places and meetings for that)

2) A physical reception and information center at la Grée, with fixed permanency

(Monday and Thursday), collective tools (telephone line, access to internet, means of printing, ...), to meet, receive and inform people who come (back) on la ZAD (press review, infokiosk, mapping, and other things that may seem useful) and centralize proposals (through a box of ideas, a notebook of contacts, ...).

3) Means of communication at a distance

a website https://zadresist.antirep.net, a telephone line (ask by email), email address radis-co at riseup.net, (and soon a dedicated web page, a mailing list, ...)

Here, on the Zad, we first intend to :

- Organize for (re)construction/(re)occupations of destroyed or evicted places on the Zad, and support the buddies who have already started to act in this direction;
- Prepare the defense, and in case of failure the (re)occupation, of places that have chosen not to submit to the administrative strategies imposed by the state through the prefect;
- To ensure that the cops still present on la ZAD do not feel welcome;
- Promote self-education (political, tactical, computer security, communication, ...);
- Support of other (spaces of) struggles.

What motivates us / on what we would like to advance :

- Putting at the center of our concerns the sensitive world, other animals, plants ... humans
- Defend nature, of which we are a part, for what it is, and not for its "utility"/its commodification
- Take the time to be in connection with what surrounds us. Reclaiming the rhythms of our lifes
- Promote non-market modes of trade, free/shared, getting out of profitability, productivity, meritocracy
- Favor squats, requisitions of empty places, occupation of places of power and unnecessary projects
- Questioning land appropriation
- Strengthen and build international links and exchanges with other struggles
- Sharing/exchanges of our means and our knowledge
- Promote conversion (especially agricultural, but not only) to practices without exploitation
- Creativity, humor and daring in our actions, do not take yourself (too much) seriously
- Imagining other ways of organizing to make collective decisions than meetings or assemblies
- No hierarchy, no paternalism, no elitism
- To oppose authoritarian practices, especially in our places of struggle and to make them visible
- Practice "capitalist decay" and fight against the logic of consumerism and industrial exploitation
- practice self-management, participate in building and spread empowering practices
- Set up and achieve goals that we decide together
- Fight against apathy, contempt and the ambient conformism
- Get away from the idea that choosing an alternative lifestyle is enough. Make the system of privileges visible.
- Fight racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, speciesism, validism, ageism, classism and other oppressions and discriminations.
- Spread anarchism for common, considering, inclusive and egalitarian social bases

We call you to join us :

- Physically, for those who are near, or passing by, to participate in the meetings on Monday, passing to the squat at la Grée or to come to defend a project without rights or title;
- From your home, by helping us to create or recreate a broader "affinity" network, by making us share your struggles, your ideas, your information, your questions... We also address those who are part of la Zad, and with whom we do not want to lose the link.

Contacts : radis-co at riseup.net, website https://zadresist.antirep.net

From now on let's keep in touch, let's get in touch, from close by or far away.

Les Radis-Co

PDF : radis-co-en.pdf