In a nutshell, the turbulent messelic collective of unsolds on la ZAD, invites you to the first meetings of "INTER-TERREAURISTS" in the outlawed zone on a land full of character, populated with barricading dogs and chickens, from from April 6th at 13h12!

Details will be communicated to you soon, there will be open mic, writing workshops, concerts (already Hophophop Crew on 11th & Ratur 13th), theater, projections, discussions, a bar, a kickass sound system, painting, construction ... We also invite you to offer workshops, music, squat, build, share knowledge etc ... Send from now on your ideas by mail to zadinvendue at riseup.net or message via our page, or on the spot at the squat of la grée 44360 VIGNEUX DE BRETAGNE
1, 2, 3, ready, go... we are waiting for you!

Common usage
Uprising in place
Let's break their jupiterian balls
and other fascist episodes ...