Since 2012, we have been able to take into account of what happened during the evictions and the police occupation. It is expected that the eviction operation will not be a replica of that of 2012, that whatever is prepared collectively there will be a great place for improvisation and adapatation. We still want to be able to anticipate this time on attitudes, which could be hurtful and counterproductive for people. We also want to bring some ideas about what will make us strong in this moment. Here are some thoughts on this :

there is no question, under the pretext of clashes, accepting among us sexism, virilism, homophobia, racism, classism, ableism, speciesism, and other discrimination's that we fight against on a daily basis. We also ask to avoid using live trees to build barricades.

there will be a great need for people who defend the battle field, but the role of those who will ensure the logistics will be just as important: canteens, medical care, communication, rest area, etc. And we want it to turn: that on one side there are only barricade specialists and on the other side those who only take care of feeding the other

It is worth remembering that defending this area also means defending the political possibilities that it covers, and in particular practices such as self-management, the collective and rotating organization of tasks, the culture of assemblies and the search for consensus without silencing conflicts

it is clear to us that in case of an attack it will be them, and not us, who will choose to trigger a set of violences and destruction, on living beings, habitats and natural areas of this wetland. As in 2012, we will not be fooled: the resistance will be physical and determined. We also want to make sure that we remain reachable in the defense of this zone, to maintain the possibilities of wide support and not to give them easy reasons to brutally increase the level of repression against us.

All in all, we would like to pay attention and respect to the diversity of people who come to defend the area, and that a wide range of practices and modes of action can coexist on the battle field. In 2012 it is the junction between barricades, human blockings or with tractors, sabotage, projectiles, tree houses, jokes, songs and various harassment, all adding to the decentralized actions, which finally allowed to put a halt to their troops. It is this hybrid force that we want to reinvoke.

even if everything is not obvious at the beginning, we would also like the people who come to defend the zad to take into consideration the attentions we have for the ways of resisting the different places and people living here: that there are no pictures and videos taken at different places ...

Before you come, find out as much as you can to understand the situation, and when you arrive, go to one of the reception areas, take the time to talk with the people there. To access the area, see here :
Also take the time to read the information posted by the legal team :