Invitation to new inter-terreaurist meetings (but not only)

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Since the evictions in 2018, a large majority of the squatters have left the area, frustrated by the contempt, betrayal and seizure of small elitist groups who had long planned to secure their future by abandoning the "Route des Chicanes", the radicals who lived near it and to serve the states demands. But determined and irreducible anti-authoritarian groups, radicals, nomads and other free electrons still cling stubbornly to the desire to see this territory liberated as a shelter for people that live in misery, are exiled or undocumented, forced to become fugitives or that are persecuted, for neighbors, near or far, without land or garden, whom can come and cultivate what they want, to exchange of knowledge and ideas, in complete freedom, so that the political experimentation and the social collectiveness would be reborn and spread like a virus that would stimulate a general emancipation...

We have several tens of hectares of land, wetlands, woods, fields, cabans and spaces that we wish to keep available to everyone, for multiple uses.

Rosier cherche épines

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Depuis l’abandon du projet d’aéroport, une partie du mouvement a fait le choix d’une stratégie de négociation en vue d’une légalisation de l’occupation de la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Cette stratégie a été présentée comme devant créer un « manteau » ou un « dôme » protégeant – légalement – un foisonnement d’activités hors cadre vouées à rester vivantes sur la ZAD. Elle devait empêcher l’appropriation privée des terres et des communs par la création d’une structure collective qui devait être la seule à pouvoir signer un contrat avec l’État.

ZADissidences N°3

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Et voici le 3ème numéro de ZADissidences !

Zadissidences 1 concernait la période allant de la « victoire » de mi-janvier et s’arrêtant au tout début des expulsions-destructions de début avril 2018.

Zadissidences 2 relataient la 1ère vague d’expulsion, soit le mois d’avril 2018.

Ce numéro-ci concerne la deuxième vague d’expulsion qui a eu lieue en mai, après ce que l’état avait appelé une « trève ».

Llamada de apoyo para AntiRep!Net (#ZAD #NDDL)

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Apoyar es participar en AntiRep!Net para mostrar solidaridad y mantener una amplia variedad de herramientas y actuar con otras redes para resistir y luchar contra las diferentes formas de represión y opresión, algunxs de nosotrxs lo hacemos desde el frente de la ZAD en Notre-Dame-des-Landes, FRancia. Tendemos a hacer nuestras acciones y apoyo sin buscar demasiado reconocimiento social. La idea y el proyecto existen desde 2014. Hoy el estado francés quiere borrar la ZAD y algunas de sus ideas, su potencial y especialmente aquellos comprometidos en conceptos más radicales o emancipadores del mapa, fuera de existencia ... o en prisión.

In memory of steffen & all the others !

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On Wednesday, 19 September, an media activist died from a 15-meter drop from one of the footbridges that connected about 50 treehouses in the Hambach Forest. Cabins built as part of an occupation that started 6 years ago. An occupation that aims to prevent the destruction of the hambach forest by RWE. A cetenarian forest would be replaced by
the extention of the coal mine which has already devoured nearly 4000 ha in 40 years.

Primeros auxilios emocionales en nuestras luchas #AntiRep #AntiPsy

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"original (francés): https://nantes.indymedia.org/articles/41154"

Primeros auxilios emocionales

Un pequeño texto de acompañamiento para el activismo político, especialmente para las experiencias mentalmente estresantes antes, durante y después de una acción.

Statement following the blocking action of the #D281 #ZAD #NDDL in the night of Friday, August 10, 2018

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Destruction/eviction: blocked road

On Friday morning, a handful of military cops destroyed reconstructed cabans in the liberated zone (also called the non-motorized zone) east in la ZAD.
Cut in small logs, the structures of « Eugette » and « the tower of A. », and also the stocked materials on the side that were destroyed by the blows of the military forces, were only waiting for a new life.
It was without counting on our anger, that of determined squatters, disseminated to the four corners of the Zone to be defended.

Les Radis-Co (The radicals) on la #ZAD #NDDL

Author: zadresist - Published 2018-08-10 16:55 - (4289 Reads)

We could explain in detail our point of view on what has happened in la ZAD in recent months, this past year, and even further. We could tell you of our disappointments, our wounds, our feelings from the betrayal, and the fact that many of our companions in struggles left, disgusted and bruised. We could, but it would be to waste even more ink for stories that have already been published largely.
What we want to tell you is that a remaining part of la ZAD continues to carry the same values as when we joined this fight against "the world that wanted the airport", a part that prefers to take the risk to lose everything rather than betray on what she believes in. We are a little bit stunned, but we are trying to bring to life something that resembles us, and for the moment it takes, among other things, the form of a weekly assembly.
This text is intended to tell you that we are still here, but it is especially an invitation to join us, because we do not conceive things without you …

#AntiRep Rassemblement de soutien à JB

Author: AntiRep - Published 2018-08-05 19:33 - (3842 Reads)

Le mardi 14 août 2018 à 12:00 Cour d'appel de #Rennes

Le 16 avril dernier, JB a été interpellé sur la ZAD de NDDL dans un contexte d’expulsion et de violences policières que nous ne sommes pas prêt·e·s d’oublier. Plus de 300 blessé·e·s, des arrestations par dizaines, des garde-à-vues toujours renouvelées, ainsi que des comparutions immédiates à la chaîne.

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