A self-managed and autonomous website stemming from the anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist and anti-repression resistance within the struggle and land occupation at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in fRance, organised by (you?) those who want to participate and feed or translate content to this website together with the militants organized locally or from other places of struggle . It allows a more accessible communication tool than the "official" websites like the one of the occupation against the project of an airport and its world http://zad.nadir.org The website is open to comrades involved in emancipatory struggles, liberating areas to defend: streets, neighbourhoods, squats, forests, farmland, wetland or wild-land. For those who want to broadcast messages, analyses, events, call-outs, drawings, images, videos, documents, etc. Exchanging, organising and communicating in a more autonomous, self-managed, secure and solidary way. For those who oppose to and struggles against the imposed kyriarchy. This website is a communication, archiving and organising tool and platform that helps militants to resist and subvert the world of control and surveillance frameworks, that helps protect militants against its brainwashing social networks and engineering trough censorship and its manipulative mainstream media or advertising. This self-managed broadcasting tool also allows us to easily centralize relevant information and translations in any other language, and (should) help us explore horizontal decentralised decision-making in our movements, struggles and collective places.

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Latest Articles

Call for AntiRep!Net support (#ZAD #NDDL)

Author: zadresist - Published 2018-06-23 22:30 - (274 Reads)

Supporting is participating to AntiRep!Net in showing solidarity and to maintain a wide variety of tools and act with other networks in resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression, some of us do it from the front lines of la ZAD in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, fRance. We tend to do our actions and support without to much looking for social recognition. The idea and project exists since 2014. Today the french state wants to wipe la ZAD and some of its ideas, its potential and especially those engaged in more radical or emancipatory concepts of the map, out of existence... or in prison.

Until where will we go with this scam of negociations ?? #ZAD #NDDL

Author: John Doe - Published 2018-05-27 18:24 - (233 Reads)

I haven't signed the files project nor do i believe in negociation with a State. I don't want to discuss with this oppressor, i just simply and only want to destroy it. But still I feel concerned by this process of legalisation that includes almost all lands and sites on ZAD, this area that I see as a whole and not only as my little home, this last one today being destroyed anyways.
We're calling negociations the injuctions of the prefect, while I really don't see when have we been negociating. When have we won any advantage of this situation? When have we said anything else than “Yes yes madam, we're scared, we're nice people!”? And today again it's still a topic to go and sign the (agricultural) projects, without even waiting for the ones not accepted yet?! One more time, our famous limit of when will we stop being cheated is pushed further.

Some of the plea that are FOR the legalisation and HURRY let's legalise appears absurd to me, I stay puzzled between: are this convinced people fooling their ownself or me? I don't think that we can be smarter than the ennemy when we play his own game.

Too soon, victory for the #ZAD #NDDL led to despair

Author: Freedomnews!ORG - Published 2018-05-21 15:07 - (213 Reads)

Features, May 21st on #Freedomnews

In the 1970s the French government announced its next major airport expansion in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Nantes. The 200-hectare site, projected to become the third largest airport in the country, represented a massive threat to the environment and drew significant opposition from locals and green campaigners.

Defeated at the time, the project was resurrected in 2003 by the Nantes mayor, who classified it as a public utility, allowing compulsory purchase of the required land.

Over the next 15 years, a community of resistance was established in the region which came to be known as the Zone à Défendre, or ZAD, for short.

Abandoned houses were re-occupied, shack dwellings and road barricades sprung up from 2009 onwards, rallies were held and farm experiments begun on land which had been bought up by the State and marked for the bulldozers.

Filled with anarchist punks, eco-nerds, back-to-the-land neo-peasants, local farmers and political dreamers, ZAD quickly became a cause celebre of the global environmental resistance and a bete noir of successive French governments.

The « movement » is dead. Long live ... reforms! A critique on the « composition » and its elites

Author: zadresist - Published 2018-05-14 14:38 - (284 Reads)

This text was written during fall 2017 on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, France. Since then, the situation drastically changed when the government announced on January 17 th , 2018 that they are abandoning the airport project. It may seem obsolete to publish this after the “victory”. But, despite the importance this struggle has for me, I didn’t celebrate this victory. I am probably too suspicious and critical about what’s at stake and what’s hiding behind the decision.

In this difficult period for social struggles, the fight against the airport has become a kind of symbol against the capitalist onslaught, as the struggle to not lose in an ocean of defeats. So, trying a critical approach means often being confronted by a defensive reflex to protect an idealized vision. Oh well, here goes...

Call-out for fortification at La Grée

Author: Thenewguy - Published 2018-05-03 16:28 - (552 Reads)

After three weeks of the police operation of ZAD nddl, our struggle to resist continues even as others negotiate with the state.

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